Crime briefs: Focus on copper pipe theft

Reported crime was scarce last week, going by reports received from MultiSecurity.

However, those responsible for copper theft were out and about again in the past week as reported in two separate incidents.

On Saturday April 6, just after 6pm, it was reported that thieves had stolen copper pipes from the Port Alfred High School tuck shop, necessitating a quick repair and prompting school principal Clive Pearson, to request a guard be stationed at the premises.

Then again, on Sunday at around 2.30pm, another home in Bromley Street reported that copper pipes had been stolen, but it was difficult for the residents of the property to establish when the crime had actually taken place. The residents also asked that SAPS not be involved.

Colonel Lizette Zeelie, station commander of the Port Alfred SAPS, supported by George Galbraith, chairman of the Port Alfred Community Policing Forum, has asked that all crimes be reported as, without sufficient information the police are unable to develop a complete picture of criminal activity and develop plans to prevent it.

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