Making his mark in the radio industry

Former Port Alfred resident Songezo Mabece has recently been made the host of a show called The View Point on SAfm, and is ecstatic about the opportunity.

GETTING INTO RADIO: Former Port Alfred resident Songezo Mabece will be representing the town on SAfm as a radio presenter in his own show called The View Point on SAfm with Songezo Mabece

Mabece’s radio career started back in 2012 when he literally walked into the 567 Cape Talk studios in Seapoint to hand in his demo for them to listen to his work, and told them how he wanted to involved in radio.

“They listened to my demo, after that they took me  for some basic radio training for a few weeks, and thereafter I was given a slot on the overnight (midnight until 4am).  This all happened in a matter of some six weeks,” he said.

“This lasted for about 19 months (between June 2012 and December 2013, where I then left Cape Town for Johannesburg.  It was in Johannesburg that I had to cut short my developing radio career for my employment conditions did not allow me to do both.”

In 2013 while still in Cape Town he attended a business breakfast where he met with radio legends such as Nada Wotshela and Andile Noganta. While he was conversing with them telling them about his interest and love for radio, they told him he had what it takes and that allowed him to believe that he has a future in radio.

“Six years since that first meeting, we have kept regular contact since.  As recent as February this year Sis’ Nada and I had a conversation with regard to my return to radio career and how I would like to revive it. Within a week of that talk, I received a call from SAfm, enquiring about my interest,” Mabece said.

“It took less than a month from that conversation for me to be on air. Nada and Andile have been thoroughly supportive all along, and this opportunity owes itself much to them too, as it does to those who love me.”

“Getting an opportunity like this has been humbling, firstly.  I am under no illusions the great magnitude of the honour and privilege it is to host a slot on this major public broadcast platform.  I am, as a result, under an obligation to respect the listeners by being diligent in my preparation and polite (yet engaging) when on air,” Mabece said.


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