Barker publishes her second thoughts

MUSING POET: Wendy Barker has released her second book of poetry, named appropriately, Second Thoughts

Reading through Second Thoughts, Wendy Barker’s second book of poetry, gives you a small insight as to what the poet is thinking on specific subjects and a view into the world and thought processes of this octogenarian.

Barker’s uncomplicated use of staccato verse shows the type of images she conjures when constructing her poems. The subject matter also gives a glimpse into the deep belief she has in God while, at the same time, attempts to describe what the Creator has done and the universe in which we live.

She ponders so many issues in this compact book including her thoughts on age, children and, more specifically, God. As Barker puts it in her poem, Creation Song: “Was it all begun so we could be the eyes that see the Creator’s delight, that through our sight, through sounds we hear, soulful notes we share, we come near to hear the sound of the beat of His heart”.

Her book is thus an extension of her mind and shows us her concern for the current state of the planet, but also touches on humanity’s place in the universe where vibrations are the key to our existence.

Beautifully illustrated with Barker’s simple but poignant pastel sketches, Second Thoughts is a great addition to the coffee table collection and shows, once again, how much talent there is in our small neck of the woods.


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