Race relations talks in the Eastern Cape

The 1980s are remembered as an unhappy decade in South Africa’s troubled history. Replete with violence, economic stagnation, soaring levels of government debt, the dying years of the Apartheid state were a time of extreme crisis.

Unfortunately, there are worrying warning signs that South Africa is slowly inching towards a new decade of crisis and turmoil.

The Institute of Race Relations’ (IRR) CEO Dr Frans Cronje will be travelling across the Eastern Cape from July 8 to July 12, talking in East London on the 8th, Grahamstown the 9th, Port Alfred the 10th, Jeffery’s Bay the 11th and Port Elizabeth the 12th.

He will bring his renowned scenario planning expertise to bear, to describe what the trends suggest for the next 10 years of South Africa’s future. Attendance at these talks is free, but please RSVP to nicholas@irr.org.za.

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