We each can do our bit to save the oceans

PASSIONATE ABOUT THE OCEAN: Lloyd Edwards of Raggy Charters and Ronelle Friend of Enviro Quest gave a presentation on whales and marine pollution at the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club recently Picture: JON HOUZET

A  festival about whale migration also became an opportunity to make people aware of the hazards of plastic pollution in the oceans, when Lloyd Edwards of c joined forces with Ronelle Friend of Enviro Quest.

The pair gave a special presentation in Port Alfred recently.

It is estimated by 2050 there’ll be more plastic than fish in the ocean, and that if all the plastic pollution was put end to end, it would encircle the earth 16 times.

“It’s up to local organisations to promote awareness and do clean-ups, not only of the beaches but town too,” Friend said. “Plastic is killing sea life, including whales which wash up on the beach.”

It is the second year of the Whale Festival in Port Elizabeth, and Friend said she “gate-crashed” Edwards’ festival to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

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