Seeing the light

PRAYER FOR THEO: The attendees at the latest CMA breakfast held hands in prayer for Theo and Marinda Snyman that their mission to God’s will be done picture: ROB KNOWLES

Pastor Theo Snyman and his wife, Marinda, spoke at the Christian Men’s Association breakfast on Saturday morning about Theo’s remarkable journey toward the light, and how the will of God be done, despite being afflicted with vision problems from an early age.

As usual, the meeting took place at Tash’s Craft Bar at the Small Boat Harbour.

Pastor Theo gave an impassioned testimony of how God, through the work of many doctors, had restored his sight after countless battles with glaucoma, retinal displacement and the removal of one of his eyes together with virtual total blindness.

Although impassioned, there was also a loto f humour in Theo’s testimony. For example, as a young teen, Theo was in a band where, he said, “I had long, wavy hair; the envy of all the women at Smuggler’s Inn in Durban”.

Read more on the Snaymans’ testimony in next week’s Tak of the Town.

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