Shootout near Durban’s Pavilion shopping centre

Police are in pursuit of four heavily armed suspects following what is believed to be a robbery near the Pavilion shopping centre in Durban on Wednesday morning. 

Police cones at the scene of the crime near the Pavilion mall in Durban.
Image: Supplied

According to a police source, an accident and shootout occurred along Harry Gwala Road, at the traffic lights near the Engen garage opposite the mall.

It is understood the suspects, who had been attempting to get away, crashed into another vehicle.

The road to the N3 Durban bound from Westville is clear. However, Harry Gwala Road leading to the N3 to Pinetown is believed to be obstructed and heavily congested.

The source said the suspects are believed to have escaped on foot into nearby bush.

This is a developing story.

Source: TMG Digital

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