Nemato resident loses everything in a fire

Mkhokeli Patrick Zamisa of Tyhali Street in Nemato recently lost everything in a fire that engulfed his home on the night of July 6, and he was only left with the clothes that he was wearing.

LOST EVERYTHING: Mkhokeli Patrick Zamisa’s shack was destroyed in a mystery fire that occurred on the night of July 6 Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

Zamisa was away at a family funeral in Peddie when a neighbour called him on Saturday night to inform him that his house was on fire, but when they tried to rescue some of his possessions from the house they couldn’t because there was no way to get in.

“I was told that no one could get my things out of the house because the blaze was already too much, and they told me that they don’t know what caused the fire. No one saw anything except that they were woken by a fire in my shack and they didn’t call any fire fighters because the house burnt so quickly that no one could get in and take out at least my clothes,” Zamisa said.

He has reported the matter to the police, because when he left there was someone he stayed with in the yard who was renting from him, but when he got back the person who was renting a shack in his yard was nowhere to be found.

“I decided to go to the police to report the matter and the person who attended me was Mawonga James Isaacs. He told me that there was nothing they could do, the only thing they could do was to write an affidavit for me and no case was opened,” Zamisa said.

“I even went to my ward councillor Stwiga Njibana, but when I got there I was told he is on leave. I need assistance even if it’s a temporary shelter. I went to Ndlambe Municipality for assistance but I was told that a person that was supposed to help me was not in the office. I need any type of help – anything, as I am only left with the items of clothing that I am currently wearing,” he said.

Anyone who can help can contact him on 081-071-1497.


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