SPCA helped to reduce the number of unwanted animals

Vets and volunteers assisted at the Port Alfred SPCA on Mandela Day Picture: ROB KNOWLES

It’s important work, so here is another photograph from Mandela Day at the SPCA where vets, volunteers from 43 Air School and the community got together to neuter their dogs and cats, as well as feral cats, to prevent unwanted pregnancies and proliferation of more stray animals in our area.

Refreshments for those working or those awaiting the return of their animals were supplied by SuperSPAR and Audie Attorneys (the photograph on page 1 of today’s Talk of the Town states the sandwiches were donated by Niche. Niche Cafe did make the sandwiches but they were bought and donated by Audie Attorneys).

Well done to vets and volunteers for your hard work.

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