Station Hill community members get food parcels

Following the murders of women and cases of missing children around South Africa, South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) members decided to go to Station Hill on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate women by handing out food parcels to 12 underprivileged families in the community.

MUCH APPRECIATED: Community members in Station Hill received groceries from the South African National Civic Organisation

Before the actual handover, a few topics were discussed such as the importance of reporting crime, reporting police that don’t care about doing their jobs in the community.

These families who were given food parcels were child-headed families and people who received one grant that was not enough to feed the whole family at home. Another thing that was discussed at the handover was the importance of looking after children and the problem of substance abuse. Social workers and SAPS were also called to address the community.

Children’s social worker Sandiswa Ntoni addressed the community on issues such as social grants, child abuse and substance abuse. In her talk she urged the community to do anything possible to protect their children.

“We urge you to take good care of your children. I don’t know how many cases we have had in the month of August alone about cases of negligence, parents who don’t take good care of their children and don’t feed them – instead they feed them with alcohol,” Ntoni said.

“I have personally dealt and seen such cases, and we are sometimes forced to take away the kids from their parents and place them in safety homes in East London. And I don’t know how many cases we have had recently, which is why am going to urge you today please take care of your children,” she said.

“Another thing that has become a common case is the misuse of old age grant. We have also seen very emotional cases from that as well; we have old people reporting their children for forcefully taking their money, and that could put you in jail because that is not your money. Please people, we must stop these social ills in order to have a fully functioning community.”

Sanco Sarah Baartman regional coordinator Zwayi Sonanze urged the community to report all sorts of crimes happening in their communities, and not be scared to even report the police when they are not following up on their reports.

“As Sanco, we urge you to report everything to the police or if the police are not doing enough with your reports, then come to us and report any suspicious acts. We need to work together to have well-functioning and crime-free communities,” Sonanze said.


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