‘No’ to tavern at old clinic

Bathurst residents object to proposed use of municipal building

WHO SUPPLIES THE WATER? Bathurst residents have objected to a proposal by a company called Malimatics to take over the old clinic building and establish a tavern/restaurant, water-bottling facility and a carwash at the site. An established soup kitchen that utilises the building has been forced to vacate Picture: ROB KNOWLES

A controversial application to lease a portion of the Bathurst Commonage to a private business to establish a tavern/restaurant, a water bottling plant and a carwash there is being challenged by residents, but despite not having been agreed by council, appears to be going ahead.

The proposal to utilise the old clinic building, located on the commonage at the intersection of the R67 and Kings Road in Bathurst, has residents concerned as to the dilapidated condition of the building that is used as an outlet for a local soup kitchen on which many of the poorer residents of the area rely.

The applicant for the proposed facility, Malabongwe Tokwe, on behalf of Malimatics (Pty) Ltd, submitted his proposal to council to utilise the building, and residents have noticed several inconsistencies and asked for clarity on a number of issues associated with the proposal.

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