Calling on all local musical artists

PAGT: Artist will be given two slots for instruments, one USB slot for any backing tracks and two mics and will have just five minutes to perform at the Westside Community Fair on Saturday October 12

The Westside Community Fair will take place on Saturday October 12 from 10am to 6pm at the Westside Church and will include a “Port Alfred’s Got Talent” (PAGT) show where local musical artists will be able to perform and win prizes.

Rob Knowles will host the PAGT and will give all entrants a five-minute slot to impress the audience who, in turn, will vote for their favourite performer with the strength of their applause.

Musicians, either as solo artists or in a group, will have access to two instrument ports for amplification of their instruments, along with two microphones and a slot for a flash drive should they want to perform to a backing track. Each set will be just five-minutes long, so artists are urged to make their time on stage count.

The event will take place from 12 noon until 2pm, and only the first 15 artists will be eligible to enter.

Should you wish to participate in PAGT call one of the following numbers to book your place: 083-444-9380 or 082-677-7800 or 082-325-0971, or take a chance and book on the day.

There are lots of other exciting events on the day, including a kids’ bike race (so children U10 are asked to bring their bicycles on the day so they can take part).

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