A great year passed and another to come for Round Table

NEW CHAIR AT TABLE: Outgoing chairman, Julius Horak, right, passed on the responsibility of the leadership of Round Table Port Alfred to Jacques Scheepers at the Round Table AGM last Thursday evening Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Round Table Port Alfred, 177, met at their clubhouse, located behind the Port Alfred Ski-boat Club, last Thursday for its AGM where new chairman, Jacques Scheepers took on the responsibility of leading the Tablers through another year of service to the community.

Outgoing chairman Julius Horak said it took special people to undertake this job and thanked the Port Alfred Tablers for all their support over the previous year.

In addressing the Tablers, Horak reminded them of the commendation given recently by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who thanked Round Table for assisting him at the start of his career by providing him with his first knife-set.

Last year the Universities Boat Race was almost a disaster when the organisers responsible for entertainment pulled out, leaving the prestigious event high and dry. But the Port Alfred Tablers, with just 20 days’ notice (and who also organise the opening meal for the competitors at the Port Alfred High School) jumped into the fray and saved the day. Although it was too late to organise a temporary liquor licence, attendees were allowed to bring their own booze to the party.

Round Table (Port Alfred and Kenton) will organise this year’s entertainment and Horak commended his fellow Tablers for all their hard work. “We will do it again this year, but with more than 20 days’ notice this time,” said Horak.

“Fellowship is the objective of this year. There is no point in being a member of Round Table if we don’t enjoy ourselves and being together. We need to get people with the same mental disorder to join us. In the three-years I have been a member, Round Table has changed my life.”

SHOWING SUPPORT: The Port Alfred Round Table, 177, held its AGM where Julius Horak vacated the chair and inducted Jacques Scheepers as chairman. The 41’ers (those older than 40) plus the other service organisations in the area, including Rotary, Lions, and Masons were also at the AGM to show their support. Picture: ROB KNOWLES

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