Municipality’s effort ‘might cause more harm than good’

According to resident Bonani Rasnabho Ketiso, residents of Sleyini in Nemato have, and still are, been faced by a number of health and life-threating problems.

READY TO JUMP IN: Sleyini children were spotted swimming in a dangerous, dirty dam which was left behind when Ndlambe Municipality cleared sewage in the area

He said that, for quite some time last year residents had shared the environment with sewage until, the beginning of January, it was cleared by Ndlambe Municipality.

However, the municipality’s intervention to fix the sewage problem seems to have done more harm than good. Troubled by what he saw, Ketiso explained that in the beginning of January the municipality excavated an area where there was sewage, but that process left a very dirty dam in which children would swim.

As a passer-by, Ketiso saw children enjoying swimming in a place known as a no-go area. When he witnessed the terribly condition of the dam he took pictures and report the matter to Talk of the Town.

“That place was excavated in the beginning of January and it is now March, almost three months later. It is clear they will not fix [the dam] anytime soon. When you leave an unfinished work like that you place barricade nets to prevent problems, but there is nothing there,” Ketiso said.

He added that his concern was the little children who would want to emulate their peers. He said the dirty dam might be too deep for some children, something that could lead to undesired outcomes.  Some swimmers jump from the steep bank of soil that was caused by the municipal extraction. Yet, he said, more concerning is that some of the extracted stones fall back into the dam which could endanger the children’s lives.

According to Ketiso, swimming in the dirty dam is the order of the day for children after school on sunny days.

Commenting on the matter Ndlambe spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa said: “The municipality will send a team to barricade the area to avoid further children swimming in that water. We also want the community to assist the municipality by discouraging children swimming in such places.”


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