High cholesterol survivor launches Team Sweat to help others

Diagnosed with high cholesterol in 2014, Bubele Vulani knew he had to make a lifestyle change.

SWEATING OUT: Diagnosed with high cholesterol, Bubele Vulani has managed to get healthy and has now formed the Team Sweat group which trains at the krantz braai area (aka Ntakazilali) while also advising participants on good nutrition. From left are Zakes Vulani, Pumeza Mpiyakhe, Bubele Vulani (trainer), Lubabalo Vulani, Hlubi Sonyakatsha, Nono Vulani, Elam Charls and Kuhle Payi Picture: TK

Vulani said he changed his diet and began exercising and eventually formed the Team Sweat group which trains at the krantz braai area (aka Ntakazilani) on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

“I was diagnosed of cholesterol in 2014. At this stage I realised that my future does not look good at the age of 29. I loved entertainment and I used to drink a lot, but because I wanted to change I started a body camp gym three years ago in the township. Due to a lack of support it did not succeed.”

Considering other means, Vulani said in September last year they found a spot to train at Stenden South Africa. Due to increased interest they decided to exercise at Ntakazilali so that people could see them and join in. Anyone is welcome.

Vulani said he took his doctor’s instructions seriously and began to work on himself, including changing his previous life. As well as his weekend workout sessions from 7am to 8am, he shares his eating plan from the dietician with participants and further uses his research.

“For now we only host these body camps on weekends because I am based in Port Elizabeth. We do functional workout whereby I set up stations which we use equipment like aerobic steps, but due to Covid-19 we stopped using some of the equipment which we share – we do not want to spread the virus. We also do cardio which is weight free,” he said.

“We stand like a metre apart from each other. We do not share anything – you just stand on your station and exercise there.”

Revealing how and what he advises them to eat, Vulani said: “In most cases I listen to what they have in their cupboards. I tell them to change this and that without making them buy something else. For example I say substitute white rice with brown rice. I also give them list of the things that I eat and my eating plan from the dietician. I make an eating plan that suits their pockets.”

Vulani went on to mention that he gives them advices on what fruits and vegetables to go for.

“Looking at these diseases caused by bad nutrition, or being less active, we are trying to impact other’s people lives.”

There is no joining fee for Team Sweat but members contribute R20 per session that pay towards his petrol costs, as he is based in PE. He said he was not making money out of it, and that amount also catered for unemployed people who might not be able to pay for workout sessions.

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