‘My generator is still missing’

A frustrated local subcontractor, Siphetho Magquntulu, has been waiting more than two years for his stolen generator to be replaced after it was stolen from the site office of a company appointed to build houses and a road in Ndlambe.

STILL LOOKING FOR ANSWERS: Siphetho Magquntulu was in the process of being helped by Ndlambe Municipality to recover his generator, which went missing in September 2017 from the site office of a company appointed to build houses and a road for Ndlambe Munipality. However, Magquntulu claims that after his friend had a conflict with a municipal official, the municipality stopped any assistance Picture: TK MTIKI

Now Magquntulu claims that assistance from Ndlambe Municipality in this regards came to an end because of his friend’s sour relationship with a Ndlambe Municipality official.

Explaining how incident came about, Mugquntulu said Dikela Building Civil Construction Company got a tender for building houses and a road for Ndlambe Municipality between 2016 and 2017 and he was subcontracting for the company doing QS fencing.

“At some point in September in 2017 the company had run out of material and we were told to go home and wait to be called. When we returned to work my generator had been stolen from the site and the company promised to claim it from its insurance. But that company left here without having replaced my generator,” he said.

Having no contact details for Dikela Building Civil Construction Company, he took the matter to Ndlambe infrastructure director Noluthando Vithi-Masiza to trace it.

He said Vithi-Masiza asked for his contract document with the company so that she could be ascertain what kinds of tools were lost and how many they were.

However, Magquntulu said Masiza’s efforts had not yielded any desired outcomes and more disappointingly he was recently told that he was not going to get any more aid.

“Look, she recently brought back my contract and said I am not going to get any help from her office because I am part and parcel of Onele Msesiwa’s conflict with her.

“The only reason she said that it is because I am always with Msesiwa. That company had not given me all the money I should have received. I was owed me R7,800. I was instructed to do invoices which I did and I was only given R5,000 so there is still an outstanding amount of R2,800” he said.

After two weeks municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa had still not responded to questions asked.

Talk of the Town found a Facebook page for Dikela nd[sic] Sons Construction Civil and Building, but they did not respond to a message sent on Facebook.

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