Social distancing and paydays

WE NEED GROCERIES: Queues formed outside Nemato Spar on Saturday morning Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Taking the opportunity to walk around town on Saturday, it was clear that, while shops proving essential items were maintaining social distancing rules as best as they could, the queues waiting to enter shops where long.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Perhaps because they haven’t seen each other for a while small groups began to congregate all around the town and seemed to have forgotten about social distancing picture: ROB KNOWLES

Maintaining social distancing is difficult even during the quieter times of the month, but payday means that everyone can restock and so head down to the shops where social distancing is much more difficult.

MEDS OR FOOD? People queuing to enter Heritage Mall on Saturday morning to enter one or the other of the two stores open there, either for Leach Pharmacy or Pick n Pay Picture: ROB KNOWLES

This week signals the last week of Level-5 lockdown regulations. Next Friday, May 1, will see the lifting of certain restrictions and the re-selling of goods that were previously prohibited. That will possibly cause another inflow of people into town who have had to do without certain items during the previous 21-days of the Level-5 lockdown regulations. It is also the time for social grants to be issued, and another reason why people will be gathering in towns throughout the Ndlambe area.

NO HOT FOOD: At Rosehill Mall people queued at one of the two stores open there, either the SuperSpar of Woolworths, but they weren’t able to pick up any hot food which is normally on sale and very popular Picture: ROB KNOWLES

If we are to overcome the spread of the Covid-19 virus then we must maintain social distancing. It may, therefore, be necessary for us to reconsider the times we go shopping so that these long queues can be avoided and thereby reduce the chances of transmission.

WHAT LOCKDOWN? Judging by the number of cars at the Rosehill Mall car park a lot of families needed to restock their homes with goods on Saturday morning Picture: ROB KNOWLES

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