Grant day in Port Alfred CBD

WAITING FOR THE SHOPS: At Heritage Mall long queues formed as Pick n Pay staff were on strike preventing the store from opening Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Port Alfred CBD was busy this morning as people came to town to collect their social grants and, although some queues were organised specifically to enforce social distancing, many gathered in small groups where social distancing was not being observed.

NO REAL SOCIAL DISTANCING: Queues at Nemato Spar did not necessarily follow social distancing regulations Picture: ROB KNOWLES

While many people wore masks but others did not.

Main Street had been cordoned off by police, as it was last month, and police and security officers attempted to keep people at least 1.5m apart and, unlike last month, banking staff sprayed hands with alcohol before customers were allowed to use the machine.

QUEUES ACROSS MAIN STREET: Once again the queues at the banks extended across Main Street in the Port Alfred CBD with the road cordoned off to traffic to allow for social distancing Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Again, there were very small queues at liquor outlets.

STRIKING STAFF: Pick n Pay in Heritage Mall went on strike on Wednesday morning Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Heritage Mall was crowded as the staff there were on strike and preventing the store from opening. Staff alleged that Pick n Pay had not paid them the UIF/TERS funds for June as they had expected.

QUEUES AT THE POST OFFICE: As happened last month, Main Street was cordoned off to allow queues to form to collect government grants Picture: ROB KNOWLES


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