Resuming sport under advanced level 3: what you need know

Contact and non-contact sports may resume training without any spectators and must comply with the Covid-19 health protocols.

Minister of sport, arts, and culture Nathi Mthethwa has issued new directives for the resumption of sports and the reopening of cinemas, theatres, libraries, archives, museums and galleries. File photo.
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This is according to new directives from minister of sport, arts and culture Nathi Mthethwa, published in an amended gazette.

The directives, which come into immediate effect, fall under the advanced level 3 lockdown regulations.

Mthethwa said the directives include specific guidelines for the arts and sports sectors.

“The directives allow for sporting events, training and matches to resume and the opening of libraries, museums, cinemas, theatres, galleries and archives, in compliance with measures to prevent and combat the spread of Covid-19,” he said.

Here is what you need to know.

Rules for sports

According to the gazette, all sports bodies must within 14 days after the publication of the directives apply for the resumption of training.

Their applications must include information such as a full operational plan, the number of players and officials involved, and the date of resumption of training.

A sporting body must keep a register, which must be archived for at least six months, with the personal details of athletes, support staff and officials.

All athletes and support are required to test for Covid-19 before any resumption of sport and extra precautions must be taken for geographical areas declared as hotspots.

Non-contact sporting bodies must apply to resume training in matches. These applications will be considered within seven days of submission. Should an application be declined by Mthethwa, non-contact sporting bodies can appeal this ruling, which will be considered within 14 days after filing.

“A sporting body may not resume training or matches before receiving the approval of the minister in writing,” said Mthethwa.

Rules for cinemas and theatres

Under the rules for cinemas and theatres, libraries, archives, museums and galleries may also open to the public only if they apply strict health protocols.

Libraries, archives, museums and galleries must limit their operating hours, as per the amended standard operation procedure by the department. Cinemas and theatres are limited to 50 people or fewer,  excluding staff members.

Places or premises must provide limited service and contact as far as possible between staff and visitors to prevent any form of gathering.

Contactless payments and pre-booking should be available wherever possible.

Any person with a high temperature can be refused entry.

“A dedicated area must be identified for isolation of anyone who shows symptoms of Covid-19 while inside the place or premises,” added Mthethwa.

The latest Government Gazette can be accessed here.

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