Helping resolve perennial water woes in Nemato

PASSING THE TEST: After three days of successful testing Mamlambo construction workers and appointed contractors stood at the recently completed piles that will support the new 2.5Ml concrete reservoir Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Mamlambo Construction begins building water tower


When complete, the new 2.6 mega-litre concrete reservoir at Thornhill four-ways will stand 11-storeys high, so high that approval was required from the South African Aviation Authority to erect it.

The reservoir will supply potable water to hundreds of homes in the Nemato area.

Donald Davies, construction manager for Mamlambo, was pleased with the progress made so far.

“The objective is to improve the water storage capacity in the area,” he said. “We restarted the project in May when we were still on level-4 lockdown. The premier, Oscar Mabuyane commissioned the project as it is in the public interest. This concrete reservoir will last for about 40 years. A steel tank rusts and the rubber seals perish so it only last for around 15 years.”

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