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Pre-Covid, crime was generally on the decrease in Ndlambe

CRIME OF THE DECREASE? The latest crime statistics were released recently and show that crime in Ndlambe is on the decrease Picture: 123RF/BELCHONOK

The latest crime statistics for the period April 1 2019 to March 31 2020 for Ndlambe differ from the national figures and are lower in terms of contact crime (crimes against an individual) as well as sexual offences.

The statistics cover just four days of the lockdown, which started on March 27.

Property crime over the period also decreased in comparison to previous years, especially crimes at residential properties (break-ins, robberies and home/farm invasions). However, the differences are slight.

Crime rates also vary significantly and depend on the area in Ndlambe. For example, while Port Alfred only recorded one murder (the same as last year) Kenton-on-Sea’s figures reduced from eight to five over the period. Seafield’s murders reduced from one to zero and Bathurst recorded a reduction in murder cases from six to five. Alexandria recorded the highest number of murders, from three in 2018/2019 to five in the latest report.

Earlier in the lockdown, police minister Bheki Cele attributed a 72% drop in murder cases to the alcohol ban.

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