First evening out in five months – Kenny’s Pub and Sports Bar

For all those who have longed to get out of the house and socialise, Tuesday afternoon and evening was a boon with pubs and restaurants open for business, albeit while acknowledging the lockdown regulations.

KEEPING YOU SAFE: Vista Magadla was at the door of Kenny’s Pub on Tuesday to take names and contact details, temperatures, sanitise hands and ensure face masks were being worn Picture: ROB KNOWLES

At Kenny’s Pub and Sports Bar on Campbell Street, the doors were open and people were talking and laughing together, but it was not quite the same as it had been in the past.

POOL BUDS: Alex Floyd-Douglass, left, and Siya Mgudiwa enjoyed a good game of pool with their friends at Kenny’s Pub on Tuesday PictureL ROB KNOWLES

For starters, patrons were stopped at the door and their temperature and personal details were taken by Vista Magadla who also ensured their hands were sanitised and that they were wearing face masks. Once inside it was interesting to see that, by and large, people were keeping to social distancing regulations and wearing masks, but the pub was significantly less full than in the pre-Covid era.

TAKING IT EASY: From left Rob Wisley, Pieter Coetzee and Josh Feldman enjoyed a quiet drink together at Kenny’s Pub on Tuesday evening Picture: ROB KNOWLES

But people seemed to be having a good time, a huge relief for some having endured 145-days without socialising.

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