IN QUOTES | From corruption to Zuma’s letter — seven responses from Ramaphosa on NEC outcomes

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday outlined the outcomes from the ANC NEC meeting held at the weekend.

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday outlined the outcomes from the ANC NEC meeting held at the weekend.

The meeting followed his scathing seven-page open letter in which he asked party members to desist from corruption. In the letter, Ramaphosa said the ANC was “accused number one” in wrongdoing in SA.

The president also responded to questions about an open letter from former president Jacob Zuma, who criticised his leadership.

Here are seven quotes from Ramaphosa’s address:

Doing business with the state 

“Guidelines will be developed on ANC leaders doing business with government and public entities. These guidelines will give due regard to the rights of every citizen to engage in legitimate business activity, as allowed by the constitution, while removing the potential for any ANC leaders or members of their families to derive undue benefit from political access.”

Integrity commission

“We are going to have a meeting and discuss the functioning of the integrity commission, how the ANC itself should interface with the integrity commission. We’re also going to discuss how we can enhance and strengthen their work so that they can function much more effectively.”

No response to Zuma’s letter 

“I receive many letters as the president of the ANC and this letter is one of those, so I have not responded. Obviously, the letter is being debated and talked about. I don’t even know what the reasoning of the letter was and I will not even publicly entertain issues that are raised in the letter.”

An attack on the president?

“The ANC emphasised that what seems to be a choreographed campaign against the president will not distract the movement from undertaking an intensified programme against corruption and state capture, as mandated by the 54th national conference.”

Members who have stepped aside 

“If somebody continues to get a salary and they have stepped aside, I don’t see what influence that gives them. We do need to comply with labour laws of our country. When a person has stepped aside and has been asked to move to the side and to take a leave of absence, we’ve got to continue abiding by the laws of our country until the matter is finalised.”


“I’m not that easily insulted, much as people can stand on mountains and hills and seek to insult me. I’m not easily insulted because the burden of leadership is that members and others must be able to express themselves. Sometimes you don’t like what they say.

“There will be no disciplinary process but there will be discussions that will ensue around this matter and they will be comradely, rather than discussions that will be underpinned by dislike for one another.”


“Those charged with corruption must immediately step aside from all official positions pending the finalisation of their case.”

By Cebelihle Bhengu

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