Yet another sewage leak

UNTREATED: Raw sewage poured into Main Street at the intersection of Southwell Road last week Picture: ROB KNOWLES

It is no secret that the sewerage system in Port Alfred, as well as in other parts of Ndlambe, is a permanent state of disrepair, and sewage leaks are commonplace.

However, when raw sewage runs across the pavement at one of the town’s major entrances, this becomes a health issue with pedestrians and is a deterrent to any visitors to our area.

This leak is at the corner of Main Street and Southwell Road, at the boundary wall of the Kentucky Fried Chicken. The smell, although something locals are getting used to, is a problem but the liberal spreading of toilet roll and other waste materials is potentially a serious health hazard.

Talk of the Town contacted the municipality and awaiting a response.

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