Sewage spills still an issue

AFTERMATH: The remnants of the most recent sewage spill on the corner of Main Street and Southwell Road Picture: ROB KNOWLES

The above photograph was taken on Tuesday afternoon at the corner of Main Street and Southwell Road and shows remnants of the sewage spill from last week. Although the pavement was cleaned some debris still remains and the smell emanating from the manhole presents a health hazard. Although the overflow onto the street now appears resolved, it will happen again as it has on many occasions in the past.

In fact, the entire length of Biscay Road, the top half of Masonic Street and Van der Riet Streets suffer from continuous sewage spills and leaks. This situation will continue, as it does in many other places in Port Alfred and the Ndlambe municipal area until the municipality devises a comprehensive strategy and a plan to fix these leaks permanently.

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