Groupthink and conformity is the stuff of genocides

Mike Smith

Issued by the National Employers Association of Soth Africa (Neasa)

ROAD TO GENOCIDE? Mike Smith provides his opinion on the collective

October 3 will probably pass in history as just a minor holiday in Germany. It is the day that Germans celebrate the reunification of East and West Germany. October 3 was exactly 30 years to the day that modern united Germany was created.

What a sad day in Germany actually. Due to the Coronavirus, nobody is celebrating it. What for? If you go out to a pub or restaurant you have to give up your name, address and other personal details, despite a European-wide data protection law prohibiting this. A false name and data will ensure you a €50 fine. Some power-drunk politicians wanted it to be €1000.

Just as people in Germany thought the Corona restrictions were being relaxed and that people could return to bars and watch live football in the stadiums again…Bang! The second wave hit them between the eyes and shocked them back to the totalitarian reality of everyday life in Europe.

The borders are for all practical reasons closed, seeing that just about all of Germany’s neighbouring countries have been put on the “Risk List” overnight…which means that if you come back into Germany from the Netherlands, France or Denmark you are forced to be tested and put on two weeks quarantine. So, nobody travels.

Who would have thought that 30 years after the reunification of the two Germanies, modern Germany would be WORSE than the Communist GDR East Germany?

People forget that the East Germans actually had a constitution as well, albeit in name only, but still they had one. Today the modern Germany has the same “In-Name-Only” constitution.

Quite proud of their “Grundgesetz” they are, these Germans. So proud that they still believe it is in force. That the Corona measures are just a temporary situation, soon to blow over and return to “normality”.

It has not dawned on them that the constitution has been suspended. The German government rules by totalitarian decree. No “due process” is being followed anymore. Laws are being made overnight and broadcasted on the radio the next morning. The excuse being that with Corona/Covid-19 the government does not have time to follow due process in making laws. They must act immediately.

Of course, the lemmings and sheep are lapping it all up. Supporting it. Self-policing each other to go along to their spiritual and real deaths for the greater good.

It is difficult in these times to fight the pressure of the force dragging you to your death. In fact, it is easier to go with the flow to your own death than to fight against the stream in an attempt to survive.

See…when I was a 13,14-year old boy in South Africa, we learned about European history. We learned about the First and Second World Wars, the rise of the Bolsheviks, etc.

However, there was one part of history that fascinated me. That made no sense to me, that nobody could ever sufficiently explain to me…and that was the psychology of the people during World War Two.

First of all, I understood the stupidity of the Fascists in Italy and Germany. It was clear to me that Fascism had its roots in “Collectivism”, just as Communism has its roots in Collectivism. It was clear to me that Fascism and Communism were two sides of the same coin. They were not “Opposites”, but rather “Opposames”.

What I could not understand was, that I, as a young lad, could see through this bullshit. How was it possible that 80 million Germans in the 1930’s could not? How is it possible that one Austrian Lemming can come along, spew his rubbish and 80 other lemmings go along with it?

Now that is not all. When you look at the people who were sent to the concentration camps…how is it possible that they could willingly wear a Yellow Star identifying themselves and willingly board the trains? How?

I remember thinking at the time that surely if I was in their position, the last thing I would do would have been to wear a star. I would have blended in with others and disappeared. No ways I would willingly put a target on my back and willingly walk downrange. “How stupid can you be?”, I thought…

However, today I understand it all a lot better.

See…90 years ago in Germany if you did not conform and raise a right arm in a salute to an idiot Totalitarian regime, you were the enemy. You were not one of us. You were “one of them”…you were a “Communist” (true or not). You were a dangerous potential Communist terrorist who could kill thousands…Communist sympathizers like you were the reason for all our problems in society. You would be ostracized at work and during discussions around a lunch or dinner table if you spoke your mind. Spoke up against the idiocy of the regime.

Back then the Germans raised the arm in conformity…today we bend the knee…and if you don’t conform, you are not one of us. You are the enemy. You are a “Racist”. You are a potentially dangerous white supremacist terrorist who could kill thousands. Neo-Nazi Sympathizers like you are the reason for all our problems in society…If you dare speak your mind…speak up against the idiocy at a lunch or dinner table you are being ostracized.

Back then the “enemies” of the state were forced by the totalitarian regime to sew yellow stars on their breasts…today the totalitarian regime forces us to wear a mask on our faces.

Back then if you refused, you were scolded by the self-policing members of your own family as “the one who will get us all killed”. You were told, “Just wear the damn yellow star…it is just for a short while. They are just transporting us to a better place anyway”…

Besides, the wearing of the yellow star was a way of virtue signalling and pride…Under the Nazis the term “yellow badge” first appeared in Robert Weltsch’s article “Tragt ihn mit Stolz, den gelben Fleck” (“Wear the Yellow Badge with Pride”).

So, you wore the damned yellow star, not only with pride but also to show what a good person you were.

Today if you refuse and do not wear the mask, you are fined by the regime. Worse…you are being scolded by the self-policing members of your family and friends as “the one who will get us all killed”. You are being told “Just wear the damn mask…it is just for a short while. Soon it will be all over and we will be in a better place.”

So, you wear the damn mask with pride even when it is not necessary, like in your own car…All virtue signalling and showing the world what a good person you are.

Next will come the Vaccine. If you don’t get it, you will be ostracized. You will be treated like “the one who will get us all killed”. You will be the potential terrorist…the “Super-spreader” who will kill thousands…

“Just go for the damn jab. It is just a few seconds and it is all over.”, they will say… So, you will conform and you will go for the damn jab even when it is not necessary…and you will carry your yellow WHO immunization card with pride…and you will be virtue signalling and showing the world what a good person you are.

People…Groupthink and conformity is the stuff of genocides.

First, you create cohesiveness through suffering: “We are all in this together. We need to stick together to survive this”.

Then you de-individuate the members: “You are selfish and egotistical. You only think about yourself. You don’t care about any of us.”

Introduce stereotyping and name-calling: “It is people like you…You people are conspiracy theorists. Mask-moaners. Right-wingers”

Then you ostracize the dissidents: “We don’t want your kind here. Go die of Corona somewhere else.”

Institute sanctions: “You will have to pay a fine. You will be quarantined. It will cost you a lot of money if you don’t conform”.

Institute “gatekeeping” of the mind: Censor any contradictory views, beliefs, proof, etc.

Sounds familiar?

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