Boozers on the roads, partying worry Gauteng police

Police are battling drunk driving and late night partying despite the risks associated with Covid-19 infection.
Image: /Joshua Resnick

Police in Gauteng arrested more than 120 people found driving while under the influence of alcohol over the weekend.

“These drunk drivers are not only a danger to themselves but also a danger to society as some carry passengers, and some cause accidents affecting other road users,” said provincial police commissioner Lt Gen Elias Mawela.

One of the arrested suspects was found driving with more than 13 passengers, including children, in a minibus taxi, his office said.

Police spokesperson Capt Mavela Masondo also flagged the lack of adherence to health protocols during lockdown level 1 of Covid-19 regulations.

“Also of concern are the numbers of young people who continue to recklessly partake in parties that run way beyond the regulated time, with complete disregard for Covid-19 health protocols such as observing social distance and wearing face masks,” he said.

Mawela and community safety MEC Faith Mazibuko joined a weekend O Kae Molao Operation, during which they “had to deal with more than 50 youth found partying in Finetown way past the midnight curfew”.

“Drinking in public has also become a problem police are dealing with. Several people were arrested after they were found drinking in the streets,” said Masondo.

Mawela warned that police would strengthen their operations to combat alcohol abuse.

He said: “These arrests should send a strong message to other motorists to think twice before getting behind the steering wheel after consuming liquor. Gauteng police will intensify weekend operations as we approach the festive season.”

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