Creating a new refuse dump?

DUMPING THEIR RUBBISH: Discarding unwanted refuse is becoming a trend in Ndlambe and must be stopped if we are to attract visitors to our area

After reading our front-page story in this week’s Talk of the Town (Outrage over mess left), a reader sent this picture of rubbish that has been dumped against the fence of the Royal Port Alfred Golf Course saying that this was totally unacceptable.

“I got very angry,” she said, “but I don’t know who to report this to. Who is responsible in the summer when the rats and the flies get into the bags?”

The arbitrary dumping of refuse is becoming a major problem in the area with the contents of rubbish bags liberally spread over many areas of our towns.

Thornhill was once known for its “plastic bag bushes”, and around Bathurst rubbish blows through the fields, potentially causing harm to grazing animals (specifically cattle) in the area.

In fact, discarded refuse can be found all around Ndlambe. It is the municipality’s responsibility to collect refuse but, equally, it is the residents’ responsibility to place their refuse in an area to allow the municipality to do its job.

Those found responsible for littering must face prosecution if this trend is to be curtailed.

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