Sassa not taking new applications for R350 Covid-19 relief grant yet

Sassa is not able to take new applications until it gets the green light from social development minister Lindiwe Zulu, who is set to issue directives in this regard by Friday.
Image: South African Government via Twitter

The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) is currently not taking new applications for the R350 Covid-19 relief grant.


  1. I hope we will get the money because since I’ve been approved on August till today I haven’t got anything from that covid19 grant

  2. I got one payment for may in June got June payment in October but on the link to check on the fone for the R350 I have paydays for July,august,september

      • Lydia I have received 2 payments first in July second in October I dnt understand is the Minister Zulu understand what we are going through money only fit them forgetting without us there is no ANC

      • ek het ok niks van die r350 gekry nue ek werk nie en het ok nie n inkomste nie asb ek het ok die geld nodig dankie

  3. My cousin apply for distress grant March approved ,second payment decline of IRP 5 but he is not working since 2017 how did that happen?

  4. I have been approved and recieved the first 2 payments for june and July…August and september says paid on the online system and says pay day is 26th october but I didnt recieve my money…the first 2 payments were paid via std bank cash send…

  5. I don’t get a social grant for a covid 19 from the start till now ,The message comes from sassa says to me,my ID document does not match,I don’t know what does that means.

  6. My son been approved in July but even now not getting nothing ,if we check it showing he is in Database ,please explain where is gone wrong.

  7. I have applied more then 5 times because i was still drawing uif i dd not qualify. My last payment of uif was in August i applied again after that they keep on telling me i draw uif which is wrong. Me anf my wife is unemployed we have 4 children.. If i can get n job maybe cleaning your office i will do it. So please look at my case or i will go to the news paper about this..

  8. I hope that they extend the grand for those three months because this grant has been helping us a lot since we don’t have any source of income and as for students who qualify we are able to get some money for transportation to our tertiary institutions and/ for lunch since some of our parents are unemployed due to the covid 19 situation. I plead with Zulu to agree with the president on this issue ,

  9. My little brother just received May payment only and for other months are approved and paid and they gave me pay dates when I go to post office they say they see no money

  10. I have received payment for June and July. However August, September and October was approved with a payment date but I have not received any payment. My November payment status is pending. Regards

  11. I some here my niece she was approved in in June but till this day she got nothing but they she in database what can she do😞😞

  12. Hi please it is the 4 time I am filling out on line and I was successfully excepted to recieve this grant but it seems in vein to me. I have not recieved not 1 payment and was standing in long ques and when it comes to my turn the post office check nothing has been loaded on the system I apply for some help please. As the plate form what is on what’s up when you ask them what refrerence they wanting he says to me he don’t understand English but trying to learn so please government set up a platform where people know to give you guidelines to help you along. Regards Denise Moodley.

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