No pens down parties: Plea as Covid-19 cases rise in Mandela Bay

No pens down parties, valedictory celebrations or farewells, Nelson Mandela Bay acting mayor Thsonono Buyeye has pleaded with Bay parents as Covid-19 cases continue to surge in the metro.

Nelson Mandela Bay acting mayor Thsonono Buyeye has called on parents to not allow their children to take part in valedictory, farewell and pens down parties as these increase the risk of Covid-19 infections.
Image: iStock / Miodrag Ignjatovic

By Monday, the Bay had 2,666 active cases with Motherwell, Uitenhage, KwaNobuhle, Kwazakhele and Walmer among the hotspots.

Buyeye said the Bay Covid-19 disaster management forum raised its concerns about the parties and end of exam functions that have been taking place.

He said all parents needed to take responsibility and reprimand their children who are indulging in underage and irresponsible drinking as their actions risk the further spread of Covid-19.

“We are really concerned about the infection rate in our city. Statistics show we have more infections among children and young adults.

“From the ages 0-19 years, we have seen alarming numbers, but also up to the age of 24 more young people are infected.”

“We appeal to all pupils and students who are active socially to take extra care as their actions might have negative consequences for their elders with weaker immune systems due to other illnesses.”

Buyeye said pupils and students have been highlighted as the main culprits in irresponsible social gatherings where public drinking is done, masks are not worn and social distancing is not observed.

“All those having farewell celebrations and valedictories must not take part in underage and irresponsible drinking after these events,” he said.

“We have noted with concern young children publicly drinking after these events, and we are calling on parents to  take responsibility for their children and help us as we continue to fight against Covid-19.”

Disaster management chair Shane Brown said there were about 500 new infections recorded in the metro on Monday.

“We want to tell young people that they must focus on their studies. Now is not the time to party.

“Please concentrate on your studies, stay home and stay safe as your infection can affect your peers and lead to them not writing their exams,”  Brown said.



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