November 2020 social grant payment dates – updated

SASSA has recently released a payment schedule for the month of November, and are as follows:

  • Older Person’s Grants will be paid from 3 November 2020 ( Including all other grants that are linked to older person’s grants)
  • Disability Grants will be paid from 4 November 2020 including any grant linked to these accounts
  • All other grants will be paid from 5 November 2020

All the top up amounts for the social grants (Old Age, Disability, War Veterans, Child Support, Foster Child and Care Dependency) have come to an end. The grant amounts as from November will revert to pre-covid amounts. There is no extension to the top up amounts. #SASSACARES

SA’s latest Covid-19 statistics as of 16 November


  1. How can the Gov stop the top ups at this crucial stage many people are living with their parents who are pensioners and some who receives DG ..They lost their jobs they in turn have children who attend school it means we are going to suffer and face starvation how are these people going to make ends meet and if this is not the cherry on the cake they are expected to pay school fees as well with what income ….What about putting food on the table paying rent buying electricity etc …They are not in the least concerned of freezing the assets of corrupt Officials and putting that funds to work they just turn a blind eye to all the wrong doings happening in our country my goodness we also contributed towards this economy but we are worst off than what we were 40 years ago

    • It is totally not fair for what government did because most of those people who are getting social relief grants, their husbands are working at the mines and they can afford their monthly wages. And others spends it on alcohol.

  2. I personally think it makes no sense at all. To stop those top ups at this crucial times when ppl needs it most… Stupidity that’s what it is. Gosh our government really needs THINKERS

  3. What u doing is not fair many people lost their job because of this lockdown now it looks like the government doesn’t care about us because from the world go not all people got the grant increas South African Government is paying wth people but when they need votes they release how much we must work together as a country while they enjoying the money that is meant to help us

  4. I think it’s a disgrace that the pensioners and the childrens top up grants have been stopped. How are the pensioners supposed to cope. Some pensioners with children used to get help from them. Since the lockdown many of them were retrenched with the result there will be no help forthcoming. With R1860 how are they supposed to make ends meet with the cost of living having soared.
    I would like to see if members of our government could live on R1860. We had a beautiful country but corruption has destroyed it.
    I hope the decision makers can sleep at night knowing they are destroying everything they touch

  5. I’m very disappointed in our government how can they extend R350 and left kids behind but its k the grace of God will always cover those poor families who were depending on that money.we give everything to God he sees everything and will answe there prayers they shall not die of hunger God will provide for them🙏🙏

  6. Why take away top up on grants ?
    So many monies are being stolen from the poor people from South Africa 🌍

    How many fraud cases have been reported from SASSA in particular ….??
    Fraudulent SASSA cards ??

    Late payment of the covid-19 R350 & still some people that was approved by the system , but still waiting on payouts ??

    Please relook at our poor people’s condition & keep the top up going until we are totally cleared of the Covid19 in my opinion & for all our citizens of SA …please ??

  7. Stopping the increase of the last six months is so unfair to all the people of you think about it they need all the money they can get the food is expensive children needs to be in school travelling and school fees needs to be paid so why take the extra away??

  8. It is not fare that goverment stop this money because there is still Covid and some of us lost their Job they depending on their grand parent grant …Goverment id not fare.

  9. It is not fair most of the people are relying on that top up and most of the people are unemployed especially child support grant that money is nothing what can u do with R440 it’s nothing they should have atleast extend it for another 3months just like R350 our government it’s not fair end anc seem to forget that they get most of votes from those people that they have cutted their top ups without elderly people end etc anc is dead

  10. Government is really being inconsiderate…many families use this money to survive as little as it is,it does make a little difference. This thing of increasing R10 for children grant is pathetic what is R10 going to do? What difference is it making nowerdays with the high increase of food and everything else. This is really not fair he should really relook into this matter.

  11. But sassa though.
    Stopping top ups and this dates socks..people lost jobs due to corona fed from that money and some wear,eat and school with it….please on behalf of all mothers around SA.bring back top ups we are hungry

  12. Now that the top up of social grant has ended, for me it means i have to pack my belongings and move back home. I was retrench from work, due to covid, i have no income except for the grant. I’m renting, my kids have to find a new school now. This is very sad. I have lost dignity to my children because I can not afford.

  13. It’s not fair some people were depending on it,tht government of ours is cruel he doesn’t care instead they increased their salary while others public servant did not get increment.he should cut of tht 350 and let 500 continues.South African children are fatherless while wena Government wondla lezinto vote ANC must fall

  14. Hi why were the old age grant reduced back to before the increase. We used to get R1970 before lockdown and then we got the R250.00 making it R2220.00 now this month R1860 its just not on to short pay us R110.00 that was our increase. I dont know who does the grant loading amounts but surely they could see it was wrong. The way things are going we are not being treated fairly.
    Can the adjustment be made and paid into our accounts please.
    I need a response to this message please .

  15. The government it’s really unfair I mean some of us we lost jobs and how we gonna buy our kids clothes and put food on the table. Mr president think through .

  16. How must we keep our child at school with R500 i am a pensioner my little money and the grant for the child must we live with my wife do now home schooling because we cannot afford school fees . We get the left overs while the goverment spend money left and right

  17. How can sassa stop the R500 woman who care for the families but R350 to young adults who don’t want to go to school nor work so what goverment is saying is we as mother’s don’t count.we lost our jobs you supporting SAA the food and clothing prices is so high so what is a single mother do with a R450 and anpocket of potatoes is R90 to R100 you get salaries and don’t get this come to Blikkiesdorp community and see how ppl live.we struggle and put soup kitchens aswell give R500 to the woman or increase the child grant per child.Thank You.Shahida

  18. The only way we can make a difference is not to vote for the anc, in the next municipal elections. We need more independent candidates to be able to speak on behalf of the communities who elect them.
    That is for the national elections as well.
    Only then will we see changes, for good.
    Cassiem Majiet

  19. Im still waiting for my sassa money for Aug and Sept 2020..
    Its approved but now i have to wait for my money… I need that money… Please Sassa

  20. This ANC government is taking us for a ride, they hv money to bail SAA out but dey dnt hv money to feed de poor dat vote for dem, Dey hv money to loot but dey dnt hv money to give to de kids. Why can’t he extend all grants? Caregivers r also unemployed so dey shud be given de R350 as well automatically ’cause R450 is for de kids.

  21. It is really not fair at all ,i am a single parent and not working ,i really don’t understand why they had to stop paying the R500. We still need this money and even more.It is we the citizens who are filling this pinch and pain ,not the government, they are enjoying themselves while we who voted for them are in pain. I AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

  22. The question is where’ are they going to take those R110 and R500 .it goes back to their own pockets for stealing,while people are suffering. Ramaphosa has indeed failed the nation once again

  23. this goverment is lieing.there no more r350.please help mr presedent on what you said,keep your word and think of the poor.i voted for you for change not dissapointed.when will we see results

  24. this not fair because the president cant keep his word and sassa.nothing is showing and the money is in their us who is in need please.thanks

  25. Government has to notice us and now it December on January child are go back at school how can we cope no child grant it very small why maybe gave us voucher card for food like can we survive with a day pocket money of your kids

  26. I didn’t receive my R350 for this month I would like to know when will I get it I really need it to buy food please get back to me as soon as possible

  27. Haven’t recieved my grant since October & other people are getting paid . What am I supposed to do its December now still haven’t recieved anything. This grant is stressful

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