‘Stay away from the EFF’ — Shivambu warns Mashaba over ‘illegal immigration’ complaint

ActionSA president Herman Mashaba.
Image: Sunday Times

“Your political life will be very difficult and your party lifespan short-lived if you adopt the ultra-right self-hating politics.

“Stay away from the EFF, many who tried are nowhere to be seen now.”

This is what EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu had to say in response to Herman Mashaba reportedly filing a formal complaint against Julius Malema to parliament.

The Action SA president said on Monday that he had written to the speaker of parliament after the EFF leader’s “public encouragement of illegal immigration” during a media briefing last week.

“Our legal team has compiled a complaint that details how Malema, in making his remarks, is in breach of his oath of office as an MP, and his advocacy for the breach of the MP Code of Conduct, Ethics and Members’ Interests.

Malema lambasted the government for its decision to close 20 land borders until February 15 to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Malema said the closure of borders reflected a hatred for Africans by the ruling party. He encouraged foreign nationals wanting to enter SA to “find a creative way”.

Mashaba said Malema should act responsibly by upholding SA’s laws, and not advocate for them to be violated.

“As an MP, Malema is given the responsibility to make or amend laws, but no MP has the right to openly advocate for these same laws to be broken.

“When one considers that this public call for illegal immigration comes at a time of a global pandemic, where a second wave of infections has overwhelmed our hospitals, his remarks warrant the strongest actions of parliament,” said Mashaba.

Shivambu warned Mashaba not to “adopt this kind of liberal right-wing politics”, claiming he would come short.

Mashaba hit back at Shivambu, saying he does not respond well to “bullies”.

Maintaining his position on Malema’s calls, he said encouraging illegal immigration, especially during a pandemic is “disgusting”.

Shivambu called Mashaba a “toddler politician whose claim to fame are EFF insourcing policies”, but Mashaba would not back down.

by Cebelihle Bhengu