Bathurst residents troubled by squashing of water tanks

People of Tyolsvalley and Tshisa Street in Bathurst awakened up to the sad and alarming news of what they characterised as the deliberate squashing and destruction of two communal water tanks meant to assist the community with water during the water crisis.

SCRUNCHED UP: Two communal water tanks supplied by the Ndlambe Municipality to assist residents during the water shortage were damaged by unknown individuals on Thursday evening, just a few hours after being filled

According to ANC Ward 5 Councillor Andile Marasi, the two tanks were destroyed on January 21 around 11pm, a few hours after being filled.

Explaining how he found out about the incident, Marasi said: “Last night (Thursday) these tanks were being filled up as usual but after 11pm in the evening when the truck driver drove past them he noticed that there was no water and it was lying down squashed.”

He said two water tanks had been destroyed by unknown individuals. One tank had been placed at Tyolsvalley for two weeks while the other in Tshisa Street had been there for a month.

“What is worse is that the people of that area had a tank, but it was a bit far and they complained and then I tried to get one for them and here it is squashed,” he said.

When asked if they were going to replace them, Marasi said: “I took it away to the workshop. It needs to be fixed first. Replacing it or not it’s a matter of discussion with management.”

Although some of WhatsApp reactions shared by Marasi showed that people were of the view that the incident was sabotage, Marasi was circumspect.

“I don’t want to blame anyone about this, but I want to encourage our community members to report such,” he said.

One of the WhatsApp messages forwarded by Marasi read: “This is very bad. The way this tank is crushed it’s hardly impossible that no one heard or saw when the incident happened. My main worry is innocent people who want water. What is worse last night I drove past the truck filling up this tank.”

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