New artist a great find, says Puwe

FINDING TALENT: Mncedi Puwe discovered a young township artists and wants other people to see his work

Local gospel singer Mncedi Puwe is always attempting to find ways to improve the conditions of those that live in the townships and, recently, initiated a project to thank the health workers who, as Puwe put it, “put their lives on the line to help others.”

He settled on the creation of a banner that would be installed at the hospital to show appreciation of the health workers and brought together a number of young township artists.

“But, when I saw the work of Steven Zakawe I was blown away,” said Puwe. “I think we need to share his talent with the world.”

Talk of the Town will be following the story of the banner and also an interview with Zakawe where more of his work will be published.

In the meantime, a taste of what Xakawe can do.

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