Voting for SGB members

VOTING RIGHTS: Parents were invited to place their ballots on Monday, March 29, for their preferred candidate for positions on the school governing body at Port Alfred Junior Secondary school. Here, parent Natasha Slavard deposits her vote while another parent and volunteer, Yolanda Shweleni shows her how Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Voting for members of school governing bodies (SBGs) took place this week in public schools throughout the country, and Port Alfred was no exception.

At Port Alfred Junor Secondary school (also known locally as Station Hill Primary) set out the voting tables at the entrance to its car park. It was therefore a straight run through to pick up the list of candidates, pick up a ballot paper, vote and deposit the voting slip into the collection box. Each station was manned by volunteers and the principal of Port Alfred High School (PAHS), Nigel Adams, acted as election officer. The polls were open from 8am to 6pm on the Monday evening.

AT PAHS: Nigel Adam’s (HM) / Ms.N.Ntanga (Circuit Manager) Mark Bouah (Electoral officer) PAHS – SGB elections 2021

On Tuesday April 30, the roles were reversed and the principal of Port Alfred Junior Secondary School, Mark Bouah, took over as electoral officer. Again, polls were open from 8am to 6pm.

At Port Alfred Junior Secondary, 12 parents had been nominated following the SGB nominee process completed two weeks before. The SGB requires just nine parents on the SGB plus three teachers and one non-academic member of staff.

As a secondary school PAHS has the same numbers in their SGB, plus a pupil from Grade 8 onwards who wants to play an active role in school business.

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