Crime Briefs – Tuesday April 13

Report on crime issued by MultiSecurity

Just after 12 noon, a resident living in Henry Street reported that there was a hole in her fence and copper pipes had been stolen. Having spoken with the gardener on-site, security officers said they not sure how many meters were stolen.

Later the same day, at 9.15pm, copper pipes were stolen from a home in Alfred Road as reported by the resident. In total it was estimated that 10m of copper pipe had been stolen. A case was opened with the SAPS but no arrests have yet been made.

Dogs were reported to be barking incessantly at 9.28pm in Riverside Drive and West Street.  After a patrol of the area security officers said that nothing untoward had been found.

Trespassers were reported to be at the back of a home in Park Road at 9.30pm. After paroling the area security officers said they found nothing suspicious. At just three minutes to midnight the resident posted a WhatsApp message that there there was a trespasser at the rear of the home. However, security officers, having inspected the property again, could find nothing suspicious.

A resident in Southwell Road reported screaming and shouting coming from the direction of Damant Lodge at 9.55pm, apparently emanating from a home in Hancorn Lane. Together with SAPS officers, MultiSecurity discovered a man that was suspected of breaking into the home and the SAPS officers took the man into custody.



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