Blankets for the less fortunate

KEEPING COSY: The ladies of Damant Lodge knit blankets and donate them to worthy causes in the area. This year the blankets were shared between, from left, Craig Ellis and Dini Hartleb of the Port Alfred Soup Kitchen, at the rear, Amanda van Rhijk and Hennie Delport of Huis Dias, front, Jill Reed and Liz Coombes-Heath of Loaves and Fishes, Susan Harty of Child Welfare at the rear and Tania Khats of Huis Dias Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Every year the ladies at Damant Lodge knit and crochet blankets and donate them to worthy causes in the area.

On Monday and with a total of 82 blankets complete, the Damant Ladies invited Child Welfare, the Port Alfred Soup Kitchen, Loaves and Fishes and Huis Dias to accept the blankets on behalf of their organisations in order to give out to worthy recipients.

The ladies have been producing blankets for many years, led for the last six years by Thelma du Preez who told Talk of the Town: “I retired from the knitting ladies this year to give an opportunity to our younger members.”

Margret Barnard, former Damant Lodge manager until her retirement a little while ago, made the presentations to the various groups on behalf of the knitters.

“I remember when all this began many years ago,” Barnard related. “At the time we were seriously hoping we could produce 20 blankets. Today we are donating over 80.”

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