Driver survives serious car crash

In what looked like a serious car accident which took place on the R67 opposite Langholm Farm on May 3 2021, a 38-year-old man escaped with at least moderate injuries and was taken to Settlers Hospital in Makhanda.

WRITTEN OFF: A 38-year-old man escaped with moderate injuries when the vehicle he was driving overturned on the R67 opposite Langholm Farm on May 3 2021 at about 1.20pm. He was the sole occupant

Talk of the Town’s source, who did not want to be named, gave insights on injuries sustained by the driver.

“The driver sustained a deep laceration on the parietal region. It is alleged that the driver was alone at the time of the accident,” our source said.

TotT’s source did not know which direction the bakkie was travelling from, or the cause of the accident.

According to TotT’s source the bakkie was loaded with crates of liquor, and several photos were provided of bottles smashed on the road and scattered cardboard crates.

“The crates were full of liquor stock. By the time we arrived the entire stock had fallen off so we are not sure if it was full [of liquor],” our source said.

The bakkie appeared to be a write-off.

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