Local model wins two titles in the Empress Warrior competition

Port Alfred local model Jennita Gongotha’s confidence is sky high on women issues after winning two titles in Empress South Africa 2021 competition, those of Warrior Princess and Royal Princess.

SHOW OF TITLES: Elated local model Jennita Gongotha convincingly won two titles; those of Warrior Princess and Royal Princess in Empress South Africa 2021 competition that took place on Saturday at the Menlyn Mall Barnyard Theatre in Pretoria.

The event took place last Saturday at Menlyn Mall Barnyard Theatre in Pretoria.

In an article from Talk of the Town on December 3 2020, Gongotha asked the public to vote for her and described the competition.

“Empress South Africa is an online women empowerment contest, using beauty with brains. The purpose of its platform is to empower young women to grow and develop themselves by making a positive impact in their communities,” wrote Gongotha.

After winning two titles in the competition Gongotha reflected on the long journey and also highlighted the positive impact of the competition on her.

“Well, Empress South Africa has taught me about women empowerment and how to empower young girls to love their own bodies without anyone’s opinion,” she said. “There were so many challenges, but I managed to overcome them because Empress South Africa taught me how to be resilient and have power, and I’ve also gained more confidence in myself.”

Gongotha went on to say that winning two tittles meant the world to her and she would be forever grateful but that did not mean she was not the overall winner of the competition. The overall winner, whom she did not name, was crowned ‘Her Majesty Empress South Africa 2021’.

Speaking from the experience Gongotha encouraged other girls to join modelling.

“I would like to advise young people or young girls that are interested in modelling to go for it without anyone’s opinion and. They must be determined and in a position to define themselves,” she said.

Thanking her supporters Gongotha added: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me through this journey. Also those who voted for me, I wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for you… it really means a world to me and I appreciate every one of you.”

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