Accident on Southwell Road

ACCIDENT ON SOUTHWELL: A truck overturned on Southwell Road this morning at around 11am Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Traffic heading toward the CBD on Southwell Road was held up this morning by an overturned truck on the final bend before the Main Street turnoff.

The accident occurred a few minutes after 11am this morning and witnesses said the truck seemed to be travelling too quickly down the hill. The truck was apparently transporting paint although this remains unverified.

Security personnel and an ambulance attended the scene and police diverted traffic to avoid further holdups.

We have not been informed of any casualties but have asked police for a statement which we will publish once received.

SIDEWAYS ON: A truck crashed into the barrier on Southwell Road this morning but, so far, no casualties have been reported Picture: ROB KNOWLES



  1. This just confirms what I said on facebook a while ago. There are no speed impediments to slow down speeding trucks taxis etc in Southwell Road. The robots at Atherstone Road mean nothing. Trucks and taxis just speed through the red robot as if they own the road. Someone will be killed sooner or later.

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