Municipal workers unhappy with proposed salary and wage increases

Ndlambe Municipality

Following the three-year collective bargaining agreement that at the end of June this year, unions representing municipal workers across the country have rejected the report by an independent facilitator of a 4% wage/salary increase and a two-year annual increase, as of July 2022, of projected CPI (Consumer Price Index), minus 1%.

After submission and examination of the terms of the facilitator’s report unions rejected the proposal and are therefore currently deadlocked.

However, the unions agreed to an extension of the negotiation period until August 2 and 3 when further meetings were conducted and recommendations made. At these meetings the unions further proposed another extension up until Tuesday August 17.

The current proposal is an increase of 3.5% across the board for all employees as from July 1 and a one-off non-pensionable cash payment of R2,000 payable latest by December 31. Trade unions have demanded an increase of 4.5% and a one-off payment of R3,000.

The proposed increases for years 2 and 3 of the agreement are in accordance with the stated CPI forecast. If this is below 3% then the increase will be set at 3% and, if above 5%, the increase will be set at 5%. Unions have stated the lower limit be set at 4% and the higher limit at 6%.

Ndlambe councillors met on a virtual open council meeting on Wednesday to note the current status of wage and salary negotiation.


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