Rugby club receive squad boost through donation

The staff, management and senior players of Kowie United Rugby Club took upon their shoulders the responsibility of raising funds for some of the unemployed players who were not able to register due to the lack of money. Making the fundraising idea a reality, the club partnered with Fat Cat Auto Spares and washed the cars on September 11, raising a much needed registration fee amounting to R1,000 plus.

HANDING OVER A SPONSORSHIP: Kowie United Rugby Club received a much needed R1, 000, plus sponsorship from Fat Cat Auto Spares to register some of the unemployed players who were battling to pay the registration fee. In centre, club president Frederick Baggie Hilpert receiving the money from Fernando Trollip Picture: TK MTIKI

Playing a vital role in making the idea a success, former player Fernando Trollip said: “A few of the guys came to me just to ask could I assist them with the registration fee of a few players because they are not working and do not have an income. We came up with the plan to host a carwash for them at Fat Cat Auto Spares which was quite successful and raised some money. I decided to sponsor everything for them like the soap, electricity and water just to raise the funds for the guys.”

Trollip went on to state that the players were happy knowing that they could register and participate in competitive matches.  The sponsorship became a moral boost for the squad as 21 players would be able to register to boost the squad’s depth.

Speaking on behalf of the players Vernon Lategan thanked Trollip saying: “Thank for the opportunity you gave us and thank you for your sponsorship you gave us today. This was just basically to help pay some of the players’ registration feed that they have been battling with. It was actually a major success and we did very well.”

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