Local party leader reveals plans for upcoming council

EFF PR councillor Xolisa Runeli described the poor turnout of local businesses, members of the Panic group, Sunshine Coast Tourism, the Port Alfred Residents and Ratepayers Association (Parra) and other local stakeholders as a missed opportunity to air their concerns about the party at their meeting last Tuesday evening.

TABLING EFF PLANS FOR COUNCIL: The EFF candidates Xolisa Runeli, left, and Phapha Nobebe briefed ward 10 residents in a meeting held at Port Alfred Civic Centre on Tuesday evening about what the EFF seeks to do should it win three seats, something Runeli was adamant would happen Picture: TK MTIKI

In last week’s Talk of the Town’s the EFF invited ward 10 residents, together with the above mentioned stakeholders, to attend its meeting which was held at Port Alfred Civic Centre last Tuesday late afternoon. At the meeting Runeli explained what the EFF seeks to do should it win three seats, which he was convinced would happen.

Besides the EFF members, the meeting was attended by Christo Breytenbach, Don Fryer and Cathy Fryer, the only white people to attend. The trio’s presence gave Runeli an opportunity to explain what the EFF intends to do should it be in the council after the local government elections.

Runeli started off by thanking the attendees saying he appreciates their time and presence at the meeting. He then talked as to the purpose of the meeting.

The outspoken Runeli said: “We want to make sure that the ANC gets less than 10 seats in the council. We can assure you that we are going to win three seats in the council. We do not want total power. Ours is to get rid of these directors who bring us projects that have not yielded any outcomes.”

Runeli backed up his claims by citing the water tower which is being built at Thornhill and the seawater water reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant.

“I am told that they are unable to test it [the water tower] because there is no water to be pumped to it. It cannot be called a complete project. That thing is going to become a while elephant,” he said.

Runeli further supported his claims by using Quality Filtration Systems’ (QFS’) failure to meet its contractual agreement with Ndlambe Municipality.

“Our first motion, when we enter this municipality, is to ensure the municipality ends its contract with the QFS. QFS must go because this company has proven to be a failure. At some point they have served us with legal letters because they know that we were the first people to challenge their appointment due to their controversies in Cape Town,” he said.

Runeli said they would push that when the municipality terminates the QFS’s contract it also scraps the water availability charge.

Explaining his U-turn about paying water availability Runeli said: “The problem we had with that motion was that we saw it as opportunistic because Ray Schenk is responsible for the financial portfolio, so he is the one who introduced that water availability. Now he sees we are going to the elections he comes to the council and says let us cut this thing. We understand that paying water availability is wrong.”

Runeli said the EFF would introduce a motion to terminate the QFS contract together with scrapping the water availability charge.

Runeli said the purpose of the meeting was also to hear what ward 10 residents would like to see happen in the council. Don Fryer asserted that dissolving the council is the only option to solving the problems that Runeli alluded to.

“You have painted a good picture of the whole problem in Port Alfred but there is only one way to solve this problem – you dissolve the council. Take the money away and get the right people in the job. Forget about politics at this stage. Politics are never going to come right. You are still a young party. Put it under administration and get the right people who can fix the pumps. Manage the money right and you will see a big change,” said Fryer.


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