Passenger dies in car accident

A passenger died in a car accident which took place at the entrance of Nemato  on Sunday November 21. 

SEVERELY DAMAGED: A car accident involving a Hyundai and a Chevrolet which took place at the entrance of Nemato recently claimed one life

The collision was between a Hyundai and a Chevrolet. TotT was told the Chevrolet did not stop at the four-way between Nemato and Station Hill.

It hit a Hyundai on driver’s side, critically injuring one passenger at the back of the Hyundai, who died at the scene.

According to TotT’s source who did not want to be named, the deceased passenger was in his late 20s or early 30s. She went on to reveal that the Chevrolet’s driver was in critical condition as he collapsed while his two passengers sustained minor injuries and were taken to Port Alfred Hospital.

Speaking about the damage to the cars our source said: “The Hyundai had two broken wheels as it was hit at the back of driver’s side. The Chevrolet did not have major damage. It did not even need to be towed after the accident but the Hyundai’s airbags burst. The driver of the Hyundai was trapped inside the car”.

Asked about the possible cause of the accident, our source said she was of the view that Chevrolet’s driver was at fault as he allegedly did not stop on the four-way stop while approaching from Nemato.

“The Hyunday driver was coming from the Bathurst direction and he stopped on the four-way and when he took off the Chevrolet driver hit him at the driver’s side. The worse part of it is that [the [Chevrolet driver] did not have a driver’s licence, he only had an ID book to vote,” she said.

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