Mayor and municipal manager issued with subpoena to explain ‘poor service delivery’

The mayor and municipal manager of Nyandeni municipality in the Eastern Cape have been subpoenaed to appear before the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) to respond to a complaint about poor service delivery.

The poor state of the road leading into the village prevents emergency medical services from serving residents. Stock photo.
Image: 123RF/alekseizakirov

The subpoena hearing is scheduled for Friday due to the municipality’s “failure to respond to the commission’s correspondence on a complaint lodged with the commission”.

“The commission has noted from media reports that there is lack of service delivery in  Mpindweni village in Libode,” the SAHRC said on Wednesday.

“The media reports referred to the road leading into the village as being inaccessible, resulting in emergency medical services not being able to access the area. Community members are forced to transport patients to nearby healthcare facilities themselves. Pupils are required to walk far distances and many have to cross a river to attend school.

“There is no access to water services. The only source of water is a nearby dam, which they share with animals and is not fit for human consumption.

“In addition, the community does not have access to housing and does not have proper and adequate toilets.”

The commission said its investigation would ensure accountability and securing appropriate redress for affected residents.

“An investigative report incorporating the commission’s findings will be made available upon conclusion of the investigation.”

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