Man on crutches looking for a prosthetic leg

Ndlovini resident Durban Mvela had his left leg amputated below the kneed after diabetic complications a year ago, and after getting around on crutches, he is trying to get a prosthetic leg.

A PLEA FOR A PROSTHETIC: After having his left leg cut off on January 9 due to high blood sugar Durban Mvela who currently uses crutches, is pleading to public to help him find a prosthetic leg so that he can carry on cutting grass for an extra income Picture: TK MTIKI

After the amputation, the 60-year-old said he lost his job and only means of income.

After 11 months sitting at home during the process of healing, Mvela said he still feels strong and is determined to pick up the pieces of his livelihood with public intervention to help him find a prosthetic leg.

“My wish is to find something that can help me find a prosthetic leg so that I can carry on doing small and easy jobs. Even if people can help me find a prosthetic leg of a deceased family member,” he said.

Mvela said he had a grass cutting machine, but being on crutches made it impossible to use as the crutches require him to use both hands.

He said he was currently receiving a social grant, but it is not to feed his family who depend on him. Being able to cut grass would help him have extra income to pay for other things like electricity.

He said his previous job was doing recycling in town, folding cardboard boxes from shops. He also collected plastic bags.

He described what led to his surgery.

“In December of [2020] I had a constant pain on my left foot. When my wife checked what it was she saw a small and soft pimple underneath my foot. It got swollen and painful and later developed into wound spreading on my foot. I rushed to the clinic and the clinic referred me to Livingstone Hospital where doctors told me that it is high blood sugar. They suggested that my leg be cut off and I agreed because did not know of any other plan,” he explained.

Mvela said he was on medication for his high blood sugar.

Anyone who can help Mvela find a prosthetic leg can contact him on 078-783-7439.

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