Local gets gig on safari TV show

Former Port Alfred resident Tessa Woollgar is living a dream career after she permanently joined the WildEarth crew on a TV programme called the WildEarth safariLIVE show, which involves two safaris a day, broadcast live on different platforms worldwide.

BUSH LOVER: Tessa Woollgar, who hails from Port Alfred, says working on the WildEarth safariLIVE TV show is a dream-come-true job

Woollgar explained how her dream career kicked started.

“I started my career with WildEarth as a freelancer in November of 2020, and permanently joined the WildEarth crew from January of this year. It is my dream job, and I am so lucky to be here sharing it with the world,” she said.

Woollgar said she was based at Djuma Private Reserve in the Sabi Sands which she said was one of the locations their daily live safaris are broadcasted from. She added that Djuma was the heart and home of WildEarth and had been for many years.

Delving deeper into the show, she said: “We share immersive wildlife and nature experiences with the world and interact with guests in real-time as we are broadcasting live from different wilderness areas. It is basically your very own live safari twice daily that you can access anywhere in the world with the added bonus of connecting and interacting with us in real-time!

“You are joining me on a drive in the bush for a wild experience, this is all about giving the viewers or guests as we like to call them an escape into the African bush from anywhere in the world.”

Woollgar added that the two safariLive shows a day were the Sunrise and Sunset safaris where the different shows allow them to share experiences in nature both in daylight and after sunset.

Woollgar further stated that broadcasting twice a day accommodates different viewers.

“Being able to broadcast in the morning as well as the afternoons and evenings allows for many unique and special experiences, and allows for different time zones around the world to experience as much of nature with us as possible,” she said.

Woollgar said the bush had been her biggest passion since childhood and to be able to share it with the world was really special to her. She added that WildEarth allowed her to share life-changing and amazing experiences.

“Adding the element of sharing these experiences live also allows for an amazing connection with people watching all over the world, and gives a really unique opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives every single day. We develop such strong bonds while sharing the importance of nature and conservation with the world in real-time,” she said.

She said safariLive could be watched on DStv Channel 183.

“It gets even better because WildEarth has an app – so you can watch it from your phone, tablet, smart TV from anywhere in the world. And WildEarth doesn’t just do safariLIVE, my colleagues also come from Cape Town daily to show off our Stoney Point penguins! If the WildEarth app isn’t for you, you can visit the website to download the relevant app for your area of the world, or whichever app works best for you,” she said.

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