Post office official goes beyond the call of duty

I RECEIVED a letter from my daughter in Canada in which there should have been photos that she had taken and sent to me, but on receipt of her letter I noticed that the side of the envelope was open, and my immediate thought was that someone had opened the letter, thinking there was something of value inside.

There was only one photograph left.

Two weeks later our local postmistress arrived at our home with photographs that somehow had been found in the Port Alfred post office and sent on to our local post office.

All very confusing! There was a photo of my daughter and myself taken last year, when I visited the family and the postmistress recognised the photo of me.

I would like to thank her for all the trouble she went through to deliver all the missing photos to my front door in Bathurst.

It is service like of this nature that prompts me to fight for the continuation of the postal service in Bathurst.


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