Raffling for votes – what a pitiful sight


WHEN the ANC government talks of job creation, they talk about limited duration projects.

These are not real jobs and these projects are not permanent or sustainable.

Two weeks ago I attended a meeting or imbizo called by Ndlambe Municipality at Jauka Community Hall.

At the meeting, Ndlambe speaker Nonyameko Vivian Maphaphu, along with Ndlambe HR staff, held a raffle for 24 cleaning jobs for Ward 9 residents.

The imbizo was attended by close to 400 residents. About 95% of the attendees were unemployed and desperately expecting to be employed. Despite this real e x p e c t ation,     the people were informed that the municipality was employing only 24 people in respective wards, only for cleaning.

This was not the only shock of the day. The speaker informed us that the municipality did not know the duration of the project but the people who would be employed would earn a standard municipality rate of R100 per day.

Now what was more shocking was the criterion used to appoint the 24 people out of 400 plus people. Ward 9 residents were issued with numbers and those numbers were placed in boxes. The numbers in boxes were raffled and called out. There were joyful shouts from those whose numbers were called. They had been employed without any form of assessment.

Unfortunately, there were sad facial expressions and disappointment for the majority, who left the hall with shattered hopes.

To me and to any other rational person, this clearly shows that the ANC and our Ndlambe Municipality have run out of ideas and they cannot create employment opportunities other than cleaning and digging projects. Those with suitable qualifications, including those with matric and with the potential to work in decent employment are left out.

Looking at the timing of the project, the raffle for employment or should I say, the raffle for votes, is probably the most brilliant idea that Ndlambe Municipality has come up with. A week later one staunch ANC supporter bragged about the ANC creating 24 jobs in every ward. Unfortunately after the local elections the so-called “projects” will come to an end and God’s people will be back to their former state of being unemployed. Sadly, even beyond the elections, our municipality does not have a strategy of dealing with poverty.

I personally believe that when God blesses a nation, His blessing is rich and it adds no sorrow. God’s blessing is permanent. Only when we include God in governance, we will realise His blessing upon the nation. I strongly believe that when people work in sustainable jobs and not in limited duration projects, they will be in a position to pay for their rates and services and the municipality will be in a position to generate and to recover revenue.

In dealing with unemployment and poverty alleviation, Ndlambe needs a multi-skills training centre where people will be trained in fields such as welding, bricklaying, computer literacy, tailoring, plumbing, etc. In this way Ndlambe will produce a skilled workforce.

Vocational skills training is just one of the values the African Christian Democratic Party stands for and I completely support this vision for Ndlambe.


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