Neighbourly Notes – 15 September 2016

RHODES ROWERS: Rowers from Rhodes University attended the opening ceremony and meal at Port Alfred High School last Thursday. From left were Shannon Daniels, Natasha Moore, Bronwyn Gahagan, Ariana Matthews, Micaella Snyders, Rochelle-Mari Smith and Shaan Forster. Picture: ROB KNOWLES
RHODES ROWERS: Rowers from Rhodes University attended the opening ceremony and meal at Port Alfred High School last Thursday. From left were Shannon Daniels, Natasha Moore, Bronwyn Gahagan, Ariana Matthews, Micaella Snyders, Rochelle-Mari Smith and Shaan Forster. Picture: ROB KNOWLES

THE University Boat Races took place last weekend and, surprise, surprise, Tuks won the men’s finals for the eighth consecutive year. As for the women’s finals, the University of Johannesburg came in first for the second consecutive year. But there is hope as both finals were contested by Rhodes University, so our Grahamstown rowers are certainly improving year-on-year. Well done to the organisers of the event for making a success under very stressful circumstances.

THE meeting held by forestry and environment government departments last week highlighted the need for people to be aware of what is growing around them in terms of protected trees and invasive species. It was attended by a number of residents, but not enough to make any significant inroads as to fixing the problem. Home owners and renters are reminded that, even if indigenous bush is on their property, they are not allowed to clear it or cut it back without a licence. As for invasive species, it is necessary to remove these plants as their presence changes the local ecology and threatens indigenous species, as well as the animals that feed on them. If in doubt, call Ndlambe Municipality to have someone inspect your property and make recommendations.

WATCH out, there are thieves about. That was the case on Tuesday when a lady had her bank card nabbed by two well-dressed men at the Absa ATM in town. According to a report on a farmers Whatsapp group, a man asked for a slip as the lady was using the ATM and, in the confusion that followed, her card was snatched. This is apparently not the first time this has happened in recent days, so be careful when you are using an ATM. Do not allow anyone to encroach upon your space at the machine. Perhaps, and where possible, go to the ATM with a friend who can watch out for you.

IT was another day of comedy in parliament on Tuesday when President Jacob Zuma was set to answer questions to the house but ended up by complaining that the opposition politicians were hurling insults, asking the speaker to reprimand them. Now, if anyone has ever seen the British parliament, you will know that hurling insults is a natural way for politicians to express themselves. Yet, if political parties leave the house without a resolution to their issues, then are they truly representing their electorate? Perhaps it is time for the politicians to put the state of the nation before their own political agendas and get on with the job of fixing the country.

GREETINGS and birthday wishes to everyone enjoying another special day in the week ahead, especially Robyn Cock, Karen White, Robyn Solwandle, Dean Charter, Jenna Pretorius, John Mobbs, Selby Tarr, Karen White, Jamie Kleinhans, Jenna Rowe, Dillan Dugard, Carole Hill, Nancy Meyer, Jacobus Nel, Kathleen Sansom, Amy Bennett, Su Reed, Gillis de Korte, Edwin Randall, Pierre Hendriks, Doris Emslie, Phil Keeton, Glenda Jakins, Dawn McQuillian, Leon Erasmus, Norman Whale, Di Menin, Sven Herselmann, Alan Gunn, Carl Haller, Van West, Isobel Meyer, John Basson, Helen Straw , Jan Pearson, Alec Clark, Dennis Crowther, Janet Holcroft.

BUSINESS anniversary congratulations and may success continue to grace your doors, is the wish we send to all businesses and organisations celebrating such an occasion, especially Kowie Key, Pick n Pay Liquors, 43 Air School Pied Piper Coffee Shop, DA Office and Diaz Cross Bird Club.

THE war is still raging between the Hawks and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, and the likelihood of a downgrade of our currency to junk status seems ever more possible. If we are downgraded by the ratings agencies, it will prevent businesses from investing in the country and will mean job losses and even more pressure on government. With last year’s figures in brackets for comparison, the rand was trading at R14.36/$ (R13.42), R18.96/£ (R20.69) and R16.13/ß (R15.08). Gold trading at $1 321.13 ($1 109.01), Platinum at $1 037.70 ($995.25) and Brent crude oil at $47.27 per barrel ($45.59).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, who are having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, June Hart, Linda Hulley, Val Kilian, Ben Kember, Blake Squires, Llewellyn Wicks, Phyllis Dell, Myrna Keet, Barbara Tee, Bevan Edwards, Martin Neethling, Martin Bekker, and Brenda Shelton.

IT was with sadness we learnt of the death of Olly Schorn, another victim of the car accident outside the Mansfield turnoff on the R67. Our condolences to his family and friends.

WE were so sorry to hear of the passing of our good friend Joe Stas. Joe was a very active member of the Catholic Church, involved in its Easter services, and at one stage a regular letter writer to TotT on various matters. God bless Joe.

WEDDING anniversary greetings and congratulations with wishes for many more wonderful times ahead to Mark and Tracy Deenik, Ian and Erna McPherson, Chris and Janice Housten, Andrew and Tonia Walker, Erica and Chris Alexandre, Wim and Wilma Slicker.

IT’S the 2016 Kenton Veteran’s Annual Tennis Tournament this weekend, the premier invitation event for players in the Eastern Province. This should be a great tournament, and the socials on Saturday evening and Sunday at the prize-giving are always great fun. Good luck to all the players.

SOUTH Africa takes on the New Zealanders at the AMI Stadium, Addington, Christchurch on Saturday. After losing twice in three matches, the Boks are struggling with form. Their defence is weak and the players seem ill-disciplined. If they intend to contest the No1 position in world rugby, coach Allister Coetzee will need to make some drastic changes to either the players or their attitudes, or perhaps both. Good luck to the Boks, make us a proud rugby nation once more.

THOUGHT for the week: “Success is peace of mind, a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming”.

BEST regards as always,
The Team.

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